Thursday, April 15, 2010

Hearing from God in Unexpected Places...

I love walking away from a situation - especially a regular task - with a changed heart. Today, for instance, I got a little lesson from God at the gas pump...

Upon leaving the house this morning there were two things I needed to fill: 1) my coffee mug (thank you, Starbucks, for the free coffee on tax day), and 2) my gas tank. Even though I was practically driving on fumes, I went to Starbucks first. Priorities. :) Then, in a rush, I pulled into the gas station. I jumped out of the car, inserted the necessary cards, shoved the nozzle into my car and let the pump do its work. Well, it just so turns out that the gas tank in my car wasn't the only tank on empty this morning, because this particular pump struggled to get the gas into my car. I leaned against my car - with my coffee in hand - and watched cent-by-cent as the pump dripped gasoline into my tank.

It didn't take long for me to grow impatient - I could literally count the cents faster than it was pumping. I stood there frustrated as other people came and went filling up their own cars while I stood outside of mine counting each dollar that passed. To add to my frustration, the wind picked up and I stood helpless as my freshly groomed hair tangled into a nest of knots.

As I stood there wondering why the pump I chose to use was taking so long (12 minutes to be exact), I felt a nudge on my heart. "Honey, calm down." I had to laugh...and I did...out loud. Ignoring the glances from the other patrons, I now stood next to my car smiling and laughing as God turned this frustrating situation into another teachable moment. He reminded me that I need to let go of my own agendas. I can get so wrapped up in the things that I need to get done or want to do or think I deserve that I often forget to just sit back and take in what's around me. I sometimes get myself so worked up over waiting that I forget to enjoy the process itself. God reminded me that his timing is always perfect - something you think I would have grasped by now. He reminded me to him. He reminded me to trust...him. He reminded me that no matter how hard I try to fulfill my agenda or get my "task sheet" done or make things happen HE has the ultimate say in it all and can disrupt ANY plans or agendas I may carry.

So, thank you, God, for speaking to me through a slow gas pump and continuing to shape my life around you.

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