Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Thinking back on all of our experiences on the cruise, snorkeling was by far my favorite activity (with walking along the beach on Coco Cay a close second). The reason for snorkeling being my favorite, however, didn’t occur to me until I had returned home...

I realized that the reason I loved snorkeling so much was because many of my childhood fantastical dreams were coming true. As a young girl, my favorite movie was The Little Mermaid. I dreamed of being Ariel: living, swimming and being friends with the fish. I loved the ocean and everything in it, but I had never even seen it. The first time I actually stepped foot in the ocean (not counting the Gulf of Mexico) wasn’t until I was 21 years old, but I’ve always had an inexplainable love for the ocean. Maybe my dreams of being Ariel were childish, but so many of them came true as I was swimming alongside and through entire schools of fish, as I watched the coral (sea fans) sway in the ocean waves, looked into the eyes of a shark and watched moments later as it swam peacefully under my feet. I felt a strange freedom as I glided through the sea never lifting my face out of the water. I was amazed by everything I saw and felt and when I think back to those things, I am awed by the beauty of my Creator.

The pictures I have don’t even come close to the beauty of what I saw and can in no way convey what I experienced. It was...incredible.

School of Blue Tangs and Sergeant Majors.

Parrot Fish


Blacktip Reef Shark

Gray Reef Shark

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  1. Beautiful pics! And welcome back to the world of blogging:)